I'm Dr Caroline Palmer, a scientist, academic editor and writing coach.

I always wanted to be a scientist, a Marine Biologist to be precise, and that is what I became. Impatient with a world responding too slowly, if at all, to the destruction and loss of coral reefs, I ditched the English Channel for tropical waters and developed the field of coral immunology. I want to know how corals can stay healthy.

I’ve always enjoyed the academic writing process—spending hours crafting information and arguments into strong, publishable manuscripts. I like balancing creativity and structure to develop papers that flow and inform, guiding readers through findings with logic and clarity.


I help academics, at all career stages, get their documents ready for submission. I’m a stickler for structure, consistency and flow, which is perhaps why I enjoy academic proofreading and editing so much!

Using over 15 years of experience, I provide constructive, easy-to-follow feedback and edits on a range of document types, including;  undergraduate coursework, dissertations, manuscripts and fellowship and grant applications.


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