Editing and proofreading services

I help ensure your knowledge, ideas and data are written and presented clearly, concisely and professionally in your academic documents.


I provide constructive, easy-to-follow feedback and edits using track changes in Microsoft Word.  I work efficiently to deadlines and in complete confidence, adhering to this Code of Ethics for proofreading and editing assessed documents, such as coursework or dissertations.

Types of Editing

1.  Editorial Assessment: General comments and feedback on an early draft to help with focus and direction of the document.

2. Developmental edit: Detailed comments and feedback on the structure, key ideas and the established direction of the paper, as well as editing of the content for errors or inconsistencies. 

3. Structural edit: Detailed edit of the structure of your document to ensure logical organisation and knowledge flow. 

4. Copy editing: I edit language, structure and grammar, and also comment in the document to: 

  • Reduce wordiness and repetition

  • Ensure appropriate use of idiom, style and tone

  • Ensure appropriate use of terminology e.g. units of measurement

  • Ensure organisation, readability and placement of figures and figure legends.

5. Line editing: Detailed, line by line edit of your document to ensure clarity and flow of the text and logical connections between sentences and paragraphs. Line editing often works well with Copy editing.

6. Proofreading: Proofreading is most beneficial on the final version of your document. If you have requested editing services too, I recommend that you return your documents to be for proofreading once you have gone through the proposed edits.

  • Check for completeness and correct placement of document sections

  • Correct use of English/US spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • Consistency of language, terminology, style, symbols, abbreviations etc.

  • Consistency in the format of figures and tables

  • Check page numbers and subheadings

  • Reference and citation placement and style  

 Contact me to discuss the type of editing needed for your document 


English as a foreign language:

Writing in your second (third, or fourth!) language is really challenging (I know, I've written scientific reports in Spanish). I can help you find the right words, correct grammar and lower your word count. If heavy editing is required an initial edit, followed by a proofread once you have amended the document may be recommended.



If have no idea where to start with your academic writing, or are unsure what level of help would benefit you most, send me an email:



What I don't do

  • Write your work for you

  • Provide content

  • Develop ideas or arguments

  • Interpret research literature or data

  • Fact check

  • Identify plagiarism 

  • Translate theses to English

  • Trim overly long theses or dissertations

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